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About the Elbert Woman's Club

Our Mission:

To reach, connect and celebrate community; to build lifelong relationships and promote the growth of women's experience within the community!

The Elbert Woman's Club was established on March 8, 1925.

 The Elbert Woman's Club is famous for their AMAZING apple dumplings sold during the holidays specifically the Annual Christmas Bazaar!

The Elbert Woman's Club also well known for their monthly breakfasts at the original Russell Gates Mercantile Building in old town Elbert! 

More  information to come...

Notable Charitable Activities

(Over the years)

1. Sent gift boxes to men in the service.

2. Improved an area for Elbert Park (installed playground equipment and picnic  benches) and had an annual clean up and maintenance of the park.

3. Periodically sent cookies to Ft. Lyons Hospital.

4. Sponsored Annual Cancer Drive; Made cancer pads at 1500 annually for State Home in Castle Rock.

5. Annual Clean up of Cemetery Day

6. Annual reception at beginning of school year for teachers (get to know the community) 

Source: Elbert Colorado " The Early Days"
Original Compilation and Layout By Brad and LaRiea Thompson

About the Russell Gates Mercantile

As you drive through Elbert, on the west side of Elbert Road, there is a brick building in the middle of town with the words, “The Russell Gates Mercantile CO.” painted across the front and down the side of this gorgeous building. The Russell Gates Mercantile Co. located in Elbert was once “the largest retail operation in the county”. This building was first purchased in 1902 by Russell Gates himself. At this time, he already owned stores in Elizabeth, Eastonville and seven other locations n the region. In 1906 The Russell Gates Mercantile was constructed. A year later, in 1907 two grain elevators were constructed for the company by a man named William Albaugh and his men.

The Russell Gates Merc. Co. was the place to go for all your needs. The mercantile sold goods such as: wagons, buggies, harnesses, farm machines, guns, hardware, groceries, meat, clothing, etc. Gates also bought livestock and farm produce.


An ad from the Elbert County Banner on March 17, 1911 read,

" A large supply of new Net Ceilings and Chiffons for Spring and Summer at The Russell Gates Mer. Co."

" We have a large assortment of the JSB canned fruits and vegetables they cost a little more than the common goods but you get twice as much nourishment out of the same quantity. Russell Gates Mer. Co."

Later, the Russell Gates Mercantile Building became a town gathering place for many community events. The building has been used for over 42+ different types of events such as proms, weddings, craft fairs, birthday parties, etc.

In the Spring of 2003, the building was designated as a historical building.

In 2017 a grant was awarded to the Elbert Women’s Club to restore the Russell Gates Mercantile Building to the amazing site it is today!

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